The Benefits of E-Commerce and BigCommerce

Are you an entrepreneur looking to go down a career path that wasn’t widely available just a few decades ago? Do you currently operate a brick-and-mortar retail location and want to find a new market for the things you sell? If either of those scenarios applies to you, an ecommerce store might be right for you. Even if you shop online regularly, you might be unaware of the benefits of operating a digital storefront. Here are a few of them:

  • No Boundaries: When you operate an ecommerce store, you’re not restricted to selling your goods or services to just the area located around your physical store. Instead, you can sell your products or services to people living and working all over the world.
  • Open Around the Clock: With an online store, you never have to close up shop for the day. Being open 24 hours per day, seven days per week enables you to accumulate more sales and it allows consumers to shop whenever it’s convenient for them.
  • No Travel Time: When you work for someone else, you normally have to travel to another building every workday. If you operate an ecommerce outlet, you can work right out of your home. Your customers won’t have to leave home either if they want to shop at your digital store.
  • Lower Operating Costs: It’s normally much less expensive to run an online store than it is to operate a physical retail outlet. You don’t need to pay for a prime brick-and-mortar location and you can automate many tasks that are normally done by employees in a traditional store, such as checking out customers and managing inventory.
Reasons to Use BigCommerce

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of running an ecommerce store, you’ll need to do one important thing before you can open your digital doors. And that’s pick the platform you want to run your store from. You’ll have some trustworthy platforms to choose from, including ones that require you to build your storefront like WordPress and platforms that have turnkey templates like BigCommerce.

When you choose BigCommerce instead of a platform that requires you to build your ecommerce store from the ground up, so to speak, you’ll be able to launch your business much faster. As it is with many other businesses, time is money when it comes to ecommerce. The longer you have to wait for your store to launch, the more sales you’re missing out on.

It’s not just lost sales that make platforms that require you to create a custom storefront undesirable in many instances. It’s also the expenses that are involved with creating a custom ecommerce store. Unless you’re a skilled developer, you’ll need to pay someone to create your custom storefront from scratch.

When you have a store on BigCommerce, all of your basic pages are pre-built, including your home, about us and product pages. You simply have to fill them out. You can also choose the pre-existing extensions and applications you want to install for your storefront.

Creating and operating an ecommerce store on BigCommerce is comparatively easy. While you may still want to hire a reputable developer to create your digital outlet, the project will be less involved and expensive than it would be on a platform that required you to build everything. Even people who aren’t tech-savvy are often able to run ecommerce stores on BigCommerce themselves thanks to the platform’s intuitive, user-friendly admin panel.

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