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You have plenty of choices when it comes to Web/Software Companies

But there's a lot to think about, right?

You need it done right the first time.

The horror stories we hear... Companies who go with the lowest bidder and wind up spending way too much money for a half baked solution.
With Source, it's done right the first time for what we promised.

You need options for complex problems - And how to solve those problems.

We have 15 years of hard earned experience.  This translates to a company who can full flesh out what you actually need and then deliver cost effectively.  Chances are, we've already done what you need and can help guide the right solution.

You need depth of service/solutions

We all have plenty to deal with in our lives - The last thing we need is 3 different companies for a software solution. Source houses design, development, and support all in one place.  Goodbye micromanagement.

You need your solution done on time.

It all comes back to your time.  The last thing you need is a software company to go radio silent for a month when you need work done.  Source has expert project management to ensure your solution is done when you expect it to be.

You absolutely DO NOT need cost overages

Web/Software companies are notorious for "well... this took longer than we thought.. gonna be more money"... Source offers FIXED PRICE proposals - The price we quote is the price you pay. Guaranteed.

You need confidence that we won't go away when your solution is launched.

In many cases, what we build is just the first step for you.  From there, support and ongoing evolution ensure your solution continues to help your growth and provide value as your business needs change.

What you need is Source.

In the sea of web/software companies,
we stand apart.

We stand by that - We have the references to back it up.

  • Source has completed every project we've received with complete satisfaction.
  • We've developed software/website solutions that companies had so much trouble getting done in the past.
  • We've saved thousands and thousands of monotonous human labor with time saving software.
  • We've consistently delivered solutions on time and on budget.
  • And we've time after time supported enterprise level software with a team of highly proficient expert software developers/web developers/ and project managers.

Silver Jewelry Club

Designed and developed by Source, Silver Jewelry Club is an E-Commerce store with a unique twist: Only one product shows up every 10 minutes.  Grab it while you can!


Our Range of Services

From beautiful front end UI to robust back end programming, Source has everything you need under one roof in Houston, Texas for a cost effective and richly featured project

Web Design/Development

From starting a new website to building a new one, Source can provide options to get you what you need for a price that makes sense.

Custom Software Development

Source focuses on maximizing your development funds with careful planning, finely tuned scaling, and agile development geared toward RESULTS.
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E-Commerce Design/Development

Let Source help you find the quickest path to starting your new store or making your current store better.  Source helps you keep costs low to keep your margins high.
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Web Portals/Custom Membership Sites

Portals help connect people/software into one consolidated area on the web.  Source can help plan, develop, and support the most cost effective, longest term solution possible.
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General Web/Software Consultation

When you don't know where to start or need a second opinion, utilize Source's 15 years of experience to your advantage!  An hour or two of our time could save you thousands!  

Recent Work

What Sets Us Apart

We do not outsource/offshore

We hire locally sourced developers providing valuable jobs to the local economy.  Every dollar you spend with Source helps us grow our footprint enabling us to increase our outreach to local high schools/colleges to develop better programs for the next generation of home grown USA developers!

Shown above: Networth Realty - A comprehensive enterprise real estate management portal handling hundreds of people a day and hundreds of thousands of properties nationwide.

We balance your upfront vs. long term costs with careful planning

Future scalability is incredibly important for any software/website project.  There is no need to spend thousands on a giant infrastructure to accommodate 10 people.  At the same time, if your project is a success and you go from 10 to 1000 people overnight, you need to ensure your software can handle it.  Source balances your scalability risk to ensure your upfront costs are low and success isn't watered down with substantial "emergency" infrastructure costs.

We maximize every cent spent on your new custom software/website

Through phased development, Source can break your large project into smaller pieces.  With our Agile processes, Source makes sure these smaller pieces are done FAST and you can see results FAST.  With our scalable software frameworks, we ensure that you start small and grow large gracefully!  All of this combined ensures your asset's upfront cost and ongoing cost is as optimal as possible.

Shown above: Plume Snake - A comic portal developed by Source to bring together comic book lovers with comic book creators!
Shown above: Silver Jewelry Club is an E-Commerce store powered by BigCommerce with software integrations built custom for them by Source! They bought BigCommerce and we built integrations.

We help curb costs by helping you choose between BUY vs. BUILD

Source can build ANYTHING as custom as you need it.  Our clients come to us with very unique needs and processes that are special to their businesses.  However, in some cases, why build something from scratch when something already exists? Source helps you weigh the costs of buying software and integrating it vs. building it from the ground up to your exact specifications.  This ensures you spend your money wisely on the most important features.

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