Avoiding Common Mistakes When Hiring a Software Development Company

Are you about to launch a project involving software development? Whether this is your first project or your hundredth, you should make it a point to avoid making mistakes, and this includes mistakes when you’re hiring a software development company.

Of course, you can only avoid making errors if you know what they are. With this simple fact in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the common mistakes that occur when people attempt to hire a software development company.

Not Doing Research

If you’re looking for a software development services provider, it’s essential that you do your research. Just because a certain vendor seems promising, it doesn’t mean the company has the experience or expertise to work on your particular project.

You should ask to see the company’s portfolio and inquire about similar projects the organization has completed within your industry. You should also read any reviews about the company and its work that are available online. You should talk to some of the company’s former clients and ask about their experiences working with the software development company as well.

Basing Hiring Decisions on Price Instead of Value

While it’s important for you to stay within your budget, price should not be the sole factor you base your hiring decision on. In fact, cost shouldn’t even be the leading factor that guides your final decision. The skills that a company brings to the table and the organization’s demonstrated ability to execute projects like yours on time and in accordance with its initial quote are more important considerations than price.

Not Making Sure You Have Similar Communication Styles

Communication is key to pulling off a successful project of any sort, including custom software development projects. You need to make sure your communication style and a prospective software development company’s communication style are similar enough for you to work together seamlessly.

Talking to a firm’s past clients should give you a good idea of how a software development company communicates. To get an even better idea, give the organization a small project that adds value to your bigger project and see how well the company communicates with you as it completes the small assignment.

Not Having Clear Goals or Objectives

In order for your project to be a success, you must have clear goals and objectives that you share with the software developer you choose. The goals you set need to be measurable, achievable and mutually agreed upon before you formally hire a software development company.

Not getting an NDA

Before you even discuss your project with a prospective development company, it is essential that you get a signed NDA. This will protect your idea and help prevent it from being stolen or brought to life outside of your organization.

Not Having an Air-Tight Contract That Secures Your Exclusive Right to Your Code

Even if you’ve used a given software development company in the past, you need to have an air-tight contract drawn up for every development project you use that organization for. Every contract needs to outline each step in the development process, identify deliverables, and provide a payment schedule.

In addition, your contract must make it clear that the code produced during development is yours and yours alone. This will ensure your developer can’t use your code to create software for your competitors. This will also give you access to the code in case you want to use it when you work with a different development company in the future.

Not Using Source Web Solutions, Inc.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s critical for you to thoroughly research a software development company before you hire the organization. When you research Source Web Solutions, Inc. you’ll learn that we’ve been creating custom software for businesses in and around Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, TX since 2003. 

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