The Benefits of Custom Software

You don’t have to be an IT guru to know that software normally falls into one of two categories, packaged or custom. As you can tell from the name of each category, these types of software differ from one another in some fundamental ways.

Packaged software is available for you to buy off the shelf. Everyone who buys the same packaged software has access to the identical features and they have to deal with the often built-in limitations of the software. Pre-made software isn’t always compatible with other programs. Because it’s widely available, packaged software can fall into the wrong hands and become vulnerable to hackers.

By contrast, custom software is made for specific clients on an as-needed basis. Custom software is a proprietary solution that’s only available to the organization that paid for it, its developer or both, depending on the agreement that exists between the software maker and their client. Custom software is designed specifically to meet the current and future needs of a client.

Why Custom Software Is ALWAYS the Better Choice

While there is some expertly made packaged software available, it generally won’t be able to do everything you need it to. This may force you to use multiple programs to complete just one task, which will make your processes inefficient. With custom software being made to meet your exact needs, it eliminates or significantly reduces the inefficiency that often exists in businesses that use ready-made software.

In addition to being highly personalized and efficient, there are other meaningful reasons why custom software is normally the better choice for many businesses. Here are a few of them:

  • Scalable: When you buy pre-made software, you’re stuck with what you buy, meaning the software can’t accommodate a growing business beyond a certain point. Custom software is typically scalable, which means it can continue to support your needs as your business expands. This ability will prevent you from having to invest in new software and train your employees to use a different system.
  • Integration: Custom software can be designed so that it’s compatible with your existing systems and it can perform multiple tasks that currently require several programs to complete. It can also be updated as the direction of your business changes or technological advancements are made.
  • Cost Effective: While custom software normally costs more than packaged software up front, it proves to be extremely cost effective over time. As was stated earlier, you don’t have to replace your custom software as your business grows, which will save you money on both programs and training. You also don’t have to pay any licensing fees to be able to use your custom software from year to year.
  • Secure: Because hackers don’t have access to your custom software, custom-made programs are generally much more secure than ready-made software is. This is a significant benefit for many organizations, particularly those that deal with sensitive information like bank routing and account numbers and social security numbers.
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