Enterprise Software Trends for 2018

Unlike software developed for individual consumers, enterprise software has historically been slow to change. That’s because enterprise software is normally used by companies to do things like manage assets and process orders. These needs or tasks generally don’t change from year to year in many organizations so enterprise software has remained fairly static over the last 20 years or so. Although it should be noted that today’s enterprise software typically does run on faster hardware and boasts interfaces that are more modern than they used to be. 

While it’s likely that a back end developer will confirm that back end development is slow compared to the creation of software for individual users, it doesn’t mean that the industry is all together stagnant. In fact, some big changes may be in store for app development, api development and back end development in general in 2018. 

Here are some of the enterprise software trends you should keep an eye out for as you move further into 2018:

Increased Personalization

If you’re an app developer, you probably already guessed that increased personalization would be one of the trends to watch this year. The increased personalization created by personalized apps has the potential to save employees valuable time which can, in turn, increase their production and improve their job performance. 

A personalized app will only share information that a given employee actually needs to do his or her job. This will prevent the person from wasting time logging into a dashboard and sorting through irrelevant data to find the information they’re looking for.

Greater Intelligence

Thanks to the dramatic advancements in machine learning in recent years, enterprise software is expected to achieve a greater level of intelligence in 2018. This means enterprise software will be able to recognize the specific information that individual employees search for most often and make intelligent decisions about the updates it will share with those employees based on their searches.

Improved User Experience

While user experience hasn’t been a top priority in back end development over years, it will be. For enterprise software to be successful, its users must adopt it. Today’s users are used to intuitive digital experiences like the ones they enjoy on Facebook, Instagram and Amazon. These user-friendly computing experiences will force back end developers to create software that will provide a pleasant user experience in order for users to adopt and ultimately use the software.

Push Notifications

The use of push notifications is another trend to watch out for in 2018. Push notifications provide employees with information before they even have to look for it. Whether a critical task needs to be completed immediately or a policy has changed, push notifications can give your employees vital information in real-time without requiring them to conduct a search.

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