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  • Loan Processing Portal: Source designed and developed a web application that allowed for immediate, secure, non-paper electronic processing of loans between borrower and lender.


  • Broker Portal: Source designed and developed a web application that connects brokers, agents, and MLS systems across the entire country and electronically allows for the buying/selling of real estate - Saving thousands of hours a month while reducing human error to near zero!


  • Tutoring Portal: Source has built many tutoring portals the past few years - Most recently, a tutoring portal that connects teachers and students ACROSS THE WORLD and tracks hours, progress, and billing!


  • Job Recruiting Portal: Source worked with a recruiting firm to developed a recruiting portal that brings Job Seekers together with companies - but with a special twist! Rather than just uploading a resume, Source created a machine learning technology that automatically pre-qualifies candidates by asking simple questions!


  • Collectors Firearms: Source helped develop an E-Commerce system housing 10,000+ products and 100,000+ visitors per month. Source seamlessly integrated their in-store POS systems and accounting software!

Quick Note: Source has built E-Commerce websites for small and large companies alike!


  • Car Listing Service: 75,000+ cars PER DAY - United Credit Unions across the country into a single portal for listing their cars and obtaining leads.
Houston ECommerce Design and Development

CASE STUDY: Silver Jewelry Club


Classification: E-Commerce Development, BigCommerce API, Custom Design

E-Commerce Developers, BigCommerce Development

All Source solutions are 100% mobile, tablet, and desktop designed (i.e. responsive design).

Award Winning Custom E-Commerce Store built on BigCommerce

Silver Jewelry came to Source looking for a custom E-Commerce store with unique elements that required a true development company. Source developed a custom countdown clock, a connection for inventory tracking, and upsell tools above and beyond the “normal” feature set of BigCommerce.

  • UNIQUE CALL TO ACTION - Countdown Clock
  • INVENTORY TRACKING - No Hassle! Completely Automated
  • 3X MORE PRODUCT SOLD - Custom Upsell Tool

We look ahead with your needs

KEEP MAINTENANCE COSTS LOW/improve scalability

Want to know how we build anything from small, 10 user systems to massive, enterprise 10,000+ user systems? Leveraging powerful cloud platforms. For you, this means we can use tools like Amazon that SCALE with your business auto-magically. Stop fussing with complex growth "if-then" strategies. It's really simple now. We can help.

E-Commerce Developers

Pictured above - Collectors Firearms (E-Commerce) - Over 10,000 products and 100,000 users per month. Source developed the website based on designs Collectors already had, the e-commerce solution, and long term maintenance/evolution strategy.


who said custom means constantly "re-inventing the wheel"?

If you are already using, for example, Quickbooks, then why build a custom accounting system from scratch? Instead, Source would recommend instead connecting (with microservices/apis) to Quickbooks - Saving thousands and with no "learning curve" headaches for you!


Get your project done even quicker with a "fast track" options

Our proven software "foundation" and procedures (developed by Source, not an "off-the-shelf" solution) helps us to develop your software faster, more cost effectively, and with less errors. If you need your product sooner, Source provides "Fast Track" options potentially shaving months off your project!

P.S. We don't publish how long our average project takes... Why? Because the work we do is custom to your needs. Some of our projects have taken a few days while other have taken more than a year.


Stop paying for bugs! Up to 12 month warranty!!

With larger projects comes the need to have a solid, reputable team behind it. With our exclusive software "foundation", evolving your web application is cost-effective while maintaining is as defect free as possible.

Source offers "Pay-As-You-Go" support and custom support policies depending on your needs.



Classification: Web Portal, API, SaaS (Software as a Service), UI/UX

Web Portal Development

All Source solutions are 100% mobile, tablet, and ​desktop designed (i.e. responsive design).

In short: Take the process of buying/selling a house from days to minutes using technology

Talking with MLS's across the country, Source and Networth Realty are re-defining the real estate brokerage industry using the latest technology. What used to take days, now takes minutes... Why use paper when e-documents can automatically capture signatures/information and place into a database? This web portal serves thousands of agents across the county!

  • Integration into Quickbooks, Google Maps, Salesforce, and MLS databases across the country SEAMLESSLY and AUTOMATICALLY.
  • Allows for new franchises to be up and running in less than 1 week compared to MONTHS before the application
  • Connects hundreds of agents nationwide, tracks their progress, allows agents to set goals, and provides REPORTS for Management
  • We developed an advanced custom electronic signature technology that accommodates multiple buyers/sellers. Unlike DocuSign, Networth needed a secure solution that is integrated, quick, and supports signing using any device, anywhere (a major advantage allowing Agents to close deals in the field!)

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