Advanced Dashboards Give Businesses Insight (BI) into Operations

To remain competitive in today’s business environment, companies need new and more efficient ways to view operations. Gone are the days of custom back-office software programs that run on a single computer. What’s hot now are Cloud based Dashboards that can integrate data for the entire company into a single, elegant view – more specifically – a Common Operations View (COV).

Dashboards – next generation Business software

Build once – run everywhere is a common goal of todays software companies. It lowers the cost and speeds the development of applications that help Businesses make better decisions.

We recently developed a product named NextHMI® (Next Human/Machine Interface). It lets Oil and Gas companies securely view Oil field operations from any location in the world. By segmenting the application into specific areas of business interest, we allow technicians to see machine data necessary for keep Oil fields working, while providing business operation reports and dashboards for those who need to monitor profits. Sure there are products that exists to perform these types of functions, but as a Cloud application, total cost of ownership (TCI) is reduced significantly – allowing Oil companies to focus on their core business — not IT infrastructure and all the associated headaches.

Our ability to model “real-world” graphic simulations of machines in the field was a crucial component in this application. It demonstrated our skill as a premier Web Application Development company that we can and will do the heavy lifting required to create such a complex product.

What’s next for SOURCE?

As a Houston Web company with more than 15 years experience, we’ve learned how to build full-featured web application and portals using Frameworks for both LAMP and Windows. Our Web Development skills are continually improving and expanding. If you have an application or unique business challenge in mind, we’d like to work with you.